Frequently asked questions

Where are you located?

121 One to One serves the global market. Our main offices are based in Panama City, Panama and is soon opening a branch in Orlando Florida, USA.

Which markets does 121 One to One provide service to?

We provide service to the global market. So far during its 14 years 121 One to One has delivered projects and serviced clients in: South America • Colombia • Ecuador • Guyana • Peru • Venezuela Central America & The Caribbean • Aruba • Bahamas • Costa Rica • El Salvador • Nicaragua • Panama North America • United States Europe • London • Switzerland

How does 121 One to One Work?

There are various ways of working together. We always adapt to the client's needs, size, budget and capabilities. We can customize a support business and marketing department for you, work by project, or you can find options of courses and trainings to download. We invite you to navigate our website and read the how we work section.

I have a limited budget, can I work with you?

We are fully committed to help others as much as we can, by staying true to our escense of sharing valuable knowledge. We always try to find ways where we can work together through adjusted rates, planned delivery and payment.

How much do the services cost?

We are certain that not solving your problem to cost you more or even the loss of your total business. Pressent your case and together we will build a service that suits you and your budget best. We will be glad to book a meeting.

Is 121 One to One an advertising or marketing agency?

No, we are a business and marketing consultants firm. Our business model is created to work with you as a team and share objectives. 121 One to One does not charge or work based on third party comissions, on the contrary, we take care of your excecution budget and spend.

I am interested in an online counseling, can 121® help me?

Yes, we do. Please go ahead and schedule an appointment. We will be glad to assist you!