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About us

At 121®, just as our logo reflects, we believe in understanding and adapting to your specific needs. We build our team to become your architects of growth, the pioneers of possibilities, and to contribute to your success story. For over 16 remarkable years, we've been more than just a service provider; we have become allys, driving the force behind countless business triumphs. In a world where businesses strive to merely exist, we dare to make them thrive. Our journey is etched with the stories of businesses—diverse in nature, yet unified in their pursuit of growth. We don't just offer solutions; we engineer transformations that stand the test of time. Our expertise is accompanied by relentless passion to ensure your success. Our talented team isn't just a blend of skills; it's a fusion of dreams, aspirations, and an unwavering commitment to turning your dreams into reality. Imagine a canvas where data-driven insights meet the brushstrokes of strategic brilliance, all illuminated by the dazzling spotlight of creativity. We take challenges and sculpt opportunities out of them. Delivering results is important; but building relationships is even more crucial. Your success is not just a project to us; it's a journey we embark on together. Our story intertwines with yours, as we celebrate each milestone, conquer every hurdle, and relish the sweet taste of victory side by side. So, if you're seeking more than a solution – if you're longing for a partner who is as invested in your business and success – you've found your Ally. Stay a while, explore the depths of our services, and let us unveil the magic that happens when powerful information, strategic wisdom, and unbridled creativity converge. Your triumph awaits, and we're here to help light the path. Welcome to 121® One to One – where your success story begins.

Powerful information

Research is the foundation of informed decision-making and visionary strategic planning. Our commitment to using precise sample selection and meticulous research methods ensures that we unearth the most pertinent information. This invaluable data empowers your decisions and propels your strategies towards success.  Our research department is ready to deliver: Market Segmentation Analysis: We slice and dice markets to uncover distinct segments, letting you tailor your strategies for maximum impact. Competitor Landscape Study: We spy on your rivals to decipher their moves, strengths, and weaknesses, giving you the edge in the battle for market dominance. Consumer Behavior Exploration: We dive deep into the minds of your customers, understanding what makes them tick, click, and buy. Brand Perception Survey: Curious about how your brand struts around in the minds of the masses? Our surveys spill the beans. Product Development Research: Before you launch that new product, we'll tell you if it's the next big thing or the next big flop. Advertising Effectiveness Analysis: Wondering if your ads are hitting home? We unravel their impact and reveal what's working and what's not. Customer Satisfaction Probe: We're the detectives of customer contentment, exposing areas that need a hug and those that need an overhaul. Trend Spotting: We keep our eyes peeled for trends that are about to rock the world, ensuring you're always one step ahead. Brand Loyalty Measurement: Is your customer base steadfast or just flirting with the competition? Our measurements give you the truth. Social Media Pulse Check: We tap into the social chatter to gauge sentiment and keep you in sync with the online buzz. It Doesn’t stop there, our expert analysts will build and deliver personalized business intelligence dashboards, to proactively identify risks and seize opportunities, keeping your endeavors ahead of the curve. Moreover, our adept team will also help construct databases and nurture them to catalyze your business growth. At 121® One to One, powerful information is the compass guiding you through the dynamic landscape of innovation, fueling expansion and growth.

Strategic Planning | Success through Precision

In the dynamic realm of business, products, and brands, strategic planning stands as the North Star guiding endeavors towards unparalleled success. At 121® One to One, we recognize the paramount importance of strategic planning as the backbone of growth and innovation. Every decision, every action hinges on a well-crafted plan, one that harnesses the power of foresight, adaptability, and meticulous analysis.  Here, we don't just strategize in isolation; we synchronize a network of synergic gears, each cog seamlessly engaging with the next, fueled by a wealth of meticulously gathered information. From the boardroom to the marketing floor, our strategic planning integrates with every facet, ensuring alignment, focus, and an unwavering drive towards objectives. Our Strategic Planning Services: - Business Planning: Crafting comprehensive blueprints that illuminate the path to business growth, ensuring every step is informed and deliberate. - Marketing Planning: Formulating dynamic strategies that harness market insights to catapult your brand into the spotlight. - Brand Portfolio Planning: Navigating the complex landscape of brand offerings, identifying opportunities for consolidation, expansion, and innovation. - Media Planning: Crafting targeted media strategies that amplify your message amidst the noise, reaching the right ears at the right time. - Activity Planning: Orchestrating a symphony of actions, ensuring each contributes harmoniously to the grand crescendo of success. At 121® One to One, our strategic planning isn't a static document; it's a living, breathing roadmap that evolves with your business, products, and brands. We believe that every stroke of planning should be a brushstroke on the canvas of your success story, and we're here to wield the brush with finesse and precision.

Welcome to the heart of creativity at 121®! Our Full Creative & Design Department is a powerhouse of imagination, innovation, and artistic flair. By combining science and art, we understand that in today's digital age, the visual identity of your brand is paramount. With our team of talented designers, artists, and creative thinkers, we are dedicated to crafting a visual narrative that resonates with your audience and sets you apart in the competitive market.

Full Creativity & Design | Elevating Your Brand's Visual Identity

Our team

Shadi Abu Diab

Founder | Consultant

Mónica Belloso

Partner | Client Service

Karim Yorde

Partner | Consultant

David Barrios

Partner | Creative Director

Why Choose Us: 1. Holistic Approach: We understand that design doesn't exist in a vacuum. Our team collaborates with our strategy and marketing experts to ensure that every design choice aligns with your business goals. 2. Tailored Solutions: No two brands are alike. We don't believe in templates; we believe in crafting tailor-made designs that reflect your brand's unique personality. 3. Data-Driven Design: Creativity meets analytics. We utilize data insights to optimize designs for maximum impact, enhancing user engagement and conversions. 4. Our integrated creative department also provides animation and video services. 5. End-to-End Services: From concept to execution, we offer a comprehensive range of creative services, ensuring a cohesive and visually striking brand presence across all touchpoints. At 121®, our Full Creative & Design Department is not just about pixels and colors; it's about bringing your brand to life. Let's collaborate to turn your brand's story into a visual masterpiece that captivates, resonates, and leaves a lasting impression. Your success is our canvas, and together, we'll paint a picture of growth and distinction.

Our Expertise: 1.Visual Branding: Our designers don't just create logos; they craft visual stories. We'll work closely with you to understand your brand's essence, values, and aspirations. Our team will then translate these insights into a captivating visual identity that captures your uniqueness. 2. Web Design: A user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing website is your digital storefront. Our web designers are adept at creating immersive online experiences that not only showcase your services but also engage and convert visitors into loyal clients. 3. Graphic Design: From brochures to social media posts, our graphic designers infuse creativity into every visual asset. We believe in the power of design to communicate messages effectively, leaving a lasting impact on your audience. 4. UI/UX Design: Navigating a website should be seamless and enjoyable. Our UI/UX designers ensure that every click, scroll, and interaction feels intuitive, enhancing user satisfaction and engagement. 5. Content Creation: Creativity extends beyond visuals. Our content creators collaborate closely with designers to develop compelling narratives, ensuring that your messaging aligns seamlessly with your visual branding.

Mauro Leder

Client Review

In my personal experience, I have discovered that the value of any company or organization is exponentially equal to the quality of the people involved. Working with 121® over the last five years has added tremendous value to my organization. I see 121 not as a service provider, but as a strategic partner that provides me with the tools to enrich the vision and strategy for my day-to-day decision-making. I recommend 121® to any company, organization, or entrepreneur that wishes to obtain the necessary knowledge to be and remain competitive and relevant in the current business era.

José Costa

Director of Development at Bojangles Restaurants Inc.

"I had the pleasure of working with Shadi and his team at 121® in our BURGER KING® business in Central America. Shadi is a very sharp marketing professional who understands the key drivers of sales and traffic. He was an advocate for our brand's vision and brought it to life at all local touchpoints."

Stuart Svenson

General Manager at Proserv

"When considering a boutique marketing company to partner with, from the outset, it's important to assess how it brands and positions itself. One-to-One, or 121, says it all: personal, professional, and passionate. 121 has greatly assisted Proserv in refining and improving clarity regarding our target market and, in turn, our positioning and the effectiveness of our communication and delivery, through a thoughtful and balanced blend of qualitative and quantitative engagement. They possess extensive and profound business and marketing knowledge, and it's a pleasure to work with them. Hire them. You won't regret it."

Daniel Guzman

General Manager at Franceschi Chocolate

"Strategic Thinking: At 121 One to One, led by Shadi, you find deep thinking that invites you to embark on the search for opportunities in the sector/market and to envision potential risks early on in an educated manner, backed by experience and data. This sharp and precise ready-to-use thinking often results in a reflection of business fundamentals that constructively challenge your initial assumptions. From the first informal meeting over coffee or tea to subsequent formal meetings... Sharp thinking is on the table with 121 One to One. Planning: 121 takes the time necessary, in partnership with the client, to clearly establish the objectives to pursue, along with their initiatives and metrics. Using various tools, 121 One to One® facilitates and helps build the plan to follow. In these sessions, I found easy, empathetic, well-informed guidance, with a responsive and quick back-office team. Building the Plan with 121 progresses smoothly. Starting with consumer insights, product portfolio assessment, and continuing with the marketing channel vision, all supported by customized studies with qualitative and quantitative data. Confidence is palpable in what is being constructed. Tactical Operations: The 121 One to One office responds like a close extension and consultant for your internal marketing management. You can find disciplined time management, organized work, and ongoing monitoring that seeks to generate value for the business. You feel accompanied and supported. The aforementioned attributes of 121 One to One® are accompanied by a deep professional ethic in business and relationship management."

Nagi Moubarak

Principal Consultant at FluidMove

"I met Shadi in 2004 when I was about to launch an interesting project for the Kent brand, and he hired Fidelis to take care of the CRM part of the project. Shadi was focused, sharp, and extremely proactive. His follow-up and attention to detail made the project challenging in terms of expectations, but also satisfying in terms of the final outcome. Shadi is always seeking fresh and innovative ideas that contribute to brand-building, and I am confident he can make a real difference by helping various organizations market and build their brands."

Vladislav Makarenko

Marketing Director at Boehringer Ingelheim

"Shadi is one of the most creative individuals I've come across, with a good blend of practical business acumen and excellent communication skills. In other words, whatever he came up with, he was able to compellingly sell for implementation. I look forward to having the opportunity to work with Shadi again."


Alvaro Diez



Alex Paschalides

British American Tobacco


Stephany López

Senior Designer

Verónica Fereira

Logistics Executive

David Alveo

Senior Designer

Claudia Franceschi


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