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Mauro Leder

Director of Franchise Operations

Pollo Tropical®

In my personal experience I have found that the value of any business or organization is exponentially equal to the quality of the people involved. Working with 121® for the last five years has added a tremendous value to my organization…

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José Costa

Chief Development Officer

at Bojangles Restaurants Inc.

“I had the pleasure of working with Shadi and his 121® team in our Central American BURGER KING® business. Shadi is a very sharp marketing professional that understands the key drivers of sales and traffic. He was an advocate of our brand vision and brought it to live in all local touch-points”.


Stuart Svenson

General Manager


“When considering a boutique marketing firm with which to partner, at the outset, it’s important to assess how they brand and position themselves. One-to-One, or 121, says it all: personal, professional and passionate...

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Daniel Guzman

General Manager

Franceschi Chocolate

Strategic Thinking: In 121 One to One, directed by Shadi, you find deep thinking, inviting you to walk through the search for opportunities in the sector / market and in the early visualization of potential risks to face…

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Nagi Moubarak

Principal Consultant


“I  met Shadi in 2004 when he was on the verge of launching an exciting project for the Kent brand, and he hired Fidelis to handle the CRM portion of the project. Shadi was focused, sharp and extremely pro-active…

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Vladislav Makarenko

Marketing Director

Boehringer Ingelheim

“Shadi is one of the most creative people I have come across with a good combination of practical business acumen and excellent communication skills. In other words, whatever he came up with, he was able to convincingly sell for implementation. Hope to get a chance to work with Shadi again”.


Samar Yorde

Soy Saludable



Alvaro Diez




Alex Paschalides

British American Tobacco



Mazen Sabbagh




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